Group Class Descriptions

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Group whole body alignment classes will vary based on clients needs. Below are some sample classes.

Stretch & Strengthen

This class will focus on most common problem areas in modern human populations. It is an advanced floor work class of mostly isometric contractions, geared towards those with a robust movement regimen already in place. Participants aren't likely to enjoy themselves during class, but will feel amazing afterwards.


Pain-free Pregnancy

This 5 week series you will learn how your pelvis and rib position affects your body's ability to conceive and maintain a pregnancy, your comfort during pregnancy, the amount of space your baby has to grow, develop and turn, the ease and duration of labor and delivery, and your recovery after the birth. We will also build a "butt" for better labor and delivery, and increase the suppleness in the shoulder girdle for easier breastfeeding and baby-carrying.


Healthy Foot

If you have foot pain, trouble with your arches, or just want to begin a barefoot training regimen, but don't want to injure your feet, then this is the class for you. This class shifts the paradigm from "the stiffer the shoe, the more it supports your foot" to "the stronger the muscles in your foot, the better it supports your body." 

We apply a well-rounded, science-based approach to barefoot training, allowing you to strengthen your feet, and restore them to their natural alignment.


Hip Opening

Lengthen the leg musculature to unlock the pelvis and restore range of motion to the hip joints. Your knees will thank you too. This class is perfect for those who have replacement parts, or want to prevent ever needing them. 


The Mighty Psoas

Because the psoas traverses most of the joints of the core, it has a profound ability to deform the skeleton, which in turn impacts the force-generating potential of any muscle attached to the pelvis, spinal column, or ribcage. The shortening of the psoas can result in some or all of the following: Osteoporosis, adrenal fatigue, Pelvic Floor Disorder, shortness of breath, back pain, neck pain, tension headaches, and high blood pressure. 


Strong Bones

Osteoporosis is on the rise, and while many people are aware that exercise can benefit, traditional fitness exercise is often not specific enough to generate bone. This class targets sites specifically at risk for bone loss: hips, wrists, vertebrae, and ribs, with exercises designed to increase bone loading. No weights are involved, the exercises are slow-paced and class is geared toward teaching how to reduce the muscle patterns that lead to osteoporosis while building strength, endurance, and balance.


Supple Shoulders

This class breaks up the motions of the hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and shoulder blades. Learn to deal with arm and shoulder hyper-mobility and how to stretch, strengthen, and re-position the upper body for tension-free neck and shoulders.


Relax and Restore

Just like the name says, this class will focus on letting go of muscle tension as a gateway to increased vitality. You will be led through a series of poses that allow you to discover your muscle-holding patterns, and be guided through the release process.


Align the Spine

So many people are diagnosed with spinal degeneration and think it is due to genetics or aging. Vertebrae were meant to support the full weight of all those stacked above it. In biological systems the way an organism is meant to work is also a requirement for it to work properly. Your spine NEEDS to be aligned to signal your bones to lay down the correct amount of mineral. Align your spine and build some bone, as well as eliminate back pain, stiff neck, tension headaches, sciatica and more.


Breathe Easy

No one feels well when they can't breathe. Find out what is taking your breath away. Improve overall performance and increase your sense of well-being.


Flat Belly

Learn true core alignment, and gain the benefit of strong, self-toning, flexible abs, while eliminating core dysfunction.


Super Strength

Even though this is a basic class, most participants, even athletes, will think it advanced. It is not for the faint of heart. Have fun, in a cacophony of groaning, as I help you ferret out your weakest muscles. They are so underused, you will struggle to lift a 4 oz. piece of foam! Your leg will feel as heavy as granite! Include these muscles in your regimen to enjoy a previously unimagined vitality.


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